No matter how beneficial your government health plan is to you, you’re likely going to wind up paying for many health care needs out of pocket. As we get older, many of us, pay more. But you don’t have to pay so much.

Whether you need basic or comprehensive coverage, with five options to choose from, you’re sure to find a plan that meets your needs and budget. 

Get guaranteed acceptance

There are no medical questionnaires required at time of application for three of the five plan options available. See eligibility for details.

Cover out-of-pocket expenses

Get protection for the expenses that may receive limited coverage like dental, vision care, prescription drugs and more.

Cost-effective coverage

Choose the right coverage for you and your family - with no age limit.

Benefits card for CARP members

Don’t pay upfront costs for many health care benefits.

What’s Covered?

With Health & Dental Insurance for CARP Members, you can save on many of these out-of-pocket costs, including:

  •  Prescription drugs
  •  Vision care
  •  Register specialists and therapists
  •  Ambulance services
  •  Hearing aids
  •  Hospital benefits
  •  Medical equipment and supplies
  •  Prosthetic appliances
  •  Homecare and private nursing
Five available plans to suit your needs and budget
Coverage Basics Extended Health Care Plan Dental Enhanced Plan Three Star Plan Four Star Plan Five Star Plan
Prescription Drugs Not Covered Not Covered Available Available Available
Dental Not Covered Available Available Available Available
Vision Care Available Available Available Available Available
Hospital Benefits Not Covered Not Covered Not Covered Available Available
Extended Health Care:
Lifetime Maximum
$300,000 $100,000 $100,000 $300,000 $350,000

There will be no medical questionnaire required at the time you are applying for the Extended Health Care Plan, Dental Enhanced Plan or the Three Star Plan. See Eligibility for additional details.

You are eligible to apply for the Health & Dental Insurance for CARP Members if you are –

  • a member of CARP, 
  • a Canadian resident of Canada

For plans with guaranteed acceptance – including the Extended Health Care Plan, Dental Enhanced Plan and the Three Star Plan – acceptance is guaranteed upon meeting eligibility criteria above and receipt of initial premium payment.

For non-guaranteed plans – including the Four Star and Five Star Plans, acceptance will be upon underwriting approval of your application and receipt of initial premium payment.


Limitations & Exclusions:

  • Additional conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.
  • The information included on this website is not a contract. Actual terms and conditions are detailed in the policy issued by Manulife upon final application approval. It contains important details, concerning exclusions, conditions and limitations. Please review them carefully.


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